Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cursive Writing

Now that we have been in school a little over a month, I am guess I need to bite the bullet and start teaching/reviewing cursive writing.  This past summer, I was searching the Internet for resources to use and really couldn't find anything that suited my needs.  Well, I happened to be friends with the wonderful and talented Becca Sutton from Teaching First . She has some wonderful handwriting packets for teaching print in her store.  So, I contacted her about making a cursive handwriting packet for me.  I am SO excited to share with you that the packet is completed and is ABSOLUTELY perfect!  I am no longer dreading cursive writing instruction.  I am SO excited about using this resource!  If you are in the market for a handwriting packet, you definitely will want to check this out!
Woohoo!  Cursive instruction starts tomorrow!  :) 

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  1. Hi Nicole! I am your newest follower! I just found your blog and have only read through a couple posts but I have already pinned & been inspired a bunch, so thanks!!

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