Friday, April 5, 2013

New Greek Mythology Materials

Before Spring Break, I completed my Greek Mythology unit with my kiddos.  I created this unit last year and I know that many of you have it.  Many thanks for your purchases!  :)

I remembered last year when I was implementing this unit, I struggled to find myths to use with my fourth graders.  Have you read some of those myths?  They are really "racy" so to speak for a fourth grader.  

Anyway, this year, I decided to write my own myths to use in my classroom.  So that is what I have done and I have it in a format that I can share with you.  Yes, I have a new Greek mythology unit available in my store.  This unit includes eleven myths that I have retold in a more kid-friendly version. These versions are very similar to the original, they are just rated G instead of R.  LOL!  Although, this unit was designed to compliment my already existing unit, it could be a stand alone unit because I did create some activities that are common core aligned for grades 3-5 to accompany the stories.  

Here is the unit if you are interested in checking it out.  

I have some freebie Powerpoint activities to share with you that I used with my Greek Mythology unit this year.  I used the first Powerpoint to introduce our Greek mythology study.  I began by asking the students to tell me what they knew about mythology.  Most of them told me they knew NOTHING!  I was like, "Oh, really?  I bet you know more than you think!"  Then I shared this PowerPoint with the kids.  It got them really excited about the unit because they realized they knew a whole lot more than they thought.  Also, as way to get the kids thinking, I told them to see if they could come up with some other companies that use Greek mythology as an inspiration for their logos and slogans.  Click on the picture below to check out this Powerpoint.  

In addition to this, I have a PowerPoint that I used when I taught the story The Golden Touch.  It includes the key common core vocab that I wanted to the students to learn.  Also, it includes and exit slip.  Because I made the PowerPoint to protect the graphics I used, I am not sure the link works.  Here is the commercial that I used for the exit slip so that students would understand the allusion "the Midas touch."  Click here.  

If you wish to read my previous post about my Greek mythology unit, click here.  

Have a great weekend, ya'll!  :)