Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy March to You and a Freebie

OMG!!!  How in the world did I let a month go by without blogging?  I am not even sure if there are still people reading my blog at this point.  I have seriously neglected it.

I do have some exciting news!  My husband and I have adopted a new puppy.  His name is Bocephus (Bo).  He is an English mastiff.  He has definitely consumed a lot of our time during the last couple of weeks.  He turned eight weeks old yesterday and boy is he getting BIG!!!  Here is a picture of my sweet baby, but I will tell you, he is already a lot bigger!  If you know anything about mastiffs, you know they are BIG dogs!  We are excited about that!  I can't wait to have a dog that weighs over 200 lbs.  I love this big baby already! :)

Other excited news....the librarian at my school is SUPER talented!  If you need something made, created, drawn, etc., she is the "go-to" person.  Well, after slightly twisting her arm, I talked her into creating clipart to sell.  She has made all kinds of fonts, lettering, and clipart to sell.  I would love for you to check out her cutie patootie store.  She has even created a font just for me named Nicole's Dots. Click on the picture below to check out Crystal- the Libraryfox's graphics and fonts.  I promise you will love them!!!!
If you are still reading and have made it this far, I have a freebie to share with you.  I have created a St. Patrick's Day writing activity to share with you.  With this writing activity, the students will create a leprechaun trap and write an explanatory piece about how to make their trap.  What a fun and engaging way to get your kiddos writing!  Click on the picture below to check this file out in my TpT store!  I would love for you to leave some feedback while you are there.  :)

I have about five different files started and hope to get them finished soon, so be on the lookout for more products in the NEAR future!

Happy Sunday, ya'll!


  1. Seriously, you are such an awesome friend! Thanks for all you've done to help me get started! :-)

  2. Your librian's work is so cute, thank you for telling us about her.

    The First Grade Princess