I receive lots of questions from teachers all over....especially about my Interactive Notebooks, my classroom, and TpT.  This page will provide a place for me to answer those questions for you.  I will continue to add questions and answers as they arise, but here is the list of the frequent questions.  

Notebook Questions 

What grade levels do you have available?  
Currently, I have Reading and Language notebooks available for grades 2nd-5th.  Many have requested one for first grade.  It's a work in progress, but I haven't finished it.  I do not have a ETA on that notebook at this time.  

What size notebook do I need for your interactive notebooks?  

You can use a variety of types of notebooks for the interactive notebooks.  I use a standard 9-3/4" x 7-1/2" Composition notebook, but some teachers have chosen to use a regular spiral notebook and this works as well.  

Will both the Reading Notebook and Language Notebook fit into one Composition book?  

Yes, I combine both notebooks into one.  If you use a 100 page count notebook, you will have plenty of room with some space left over.  Each file comes with a cover that says Reading or Language Notebook.  If you combine the notebooks and would like a cover that says Language Arts, you can download that here.  

Help!  My file won't print/download.  What do I need to do?  

I always recommend putting in a ticket to TpT. They are fabulous with helping out! Here are some recommendations to try first:If you are a Mac user, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader X. If doing that doesn't work, try these options:

-If you're a Mac user, switch browsers (if you're currently using Firefox, try using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari).
-Make sure you check Adobe under "open with" to verify that that Adobe is the program you're using to open the document and not "preview"
-Try opening the document from an entirely different computer (open directly from TpT)
-Also, one of my blog friends, Jamie, has this super in-depth tutorial that might be helpful: 

I am trying to save the file to my computer or flash drive and it's asking for a password.  What is the password to save the file?  
No password is needed to save the file.  Make sure that you have the file open with Adobe Reader and not preview.  This will allow you to save the file.  

Will you send me the notebook in an editable format?  
Unfortunately, these products are not editable due to the terms of use on all clipart, fonts, borders, etc. in the document. The artists of these items have terms of use that state that I must use them in a secure PDF file, and I don't want to break the terms of use. 

Do you teach the standards in order as presented in the notebook?  

No, I do not teach the standards in order.  Here is my fourth grade pacing guide if you would like to see the order in which I teach the standards.  

How do you set up the notebooks?  

This blog post shows how I start the school year preparing the notebooks.  We number the pages, insert the dividers and all of the "I can" statements, so the notebooks are ready to go.  

I teach multiple grade levels, which notebooks should I buy?  

Honestly, this is a tough question for me to answer sometimes.  The notebooks are all very similar.  I didn't make them into one file because of the grade specific "I can" statements.  Other than that, there are only a few variations in the notebooks.  I would choose the grade level that most matches the standards you will be teaching and make modifications to meet the needs of the various levels.   

I purchased one grade level notebook, but I have since moved grade levels.  Should I purchase the new grade level notebook?  

My answer to this would be no.  Due to the similarities in standards AND the clipart that I used throughout the books, I would just suggest that you make modifications to the notebooks you have.  If you need to change the "I can" statements to match your current grade level, you can download and editable file for the headers here.  
Do you have math notebooks?  
No, I do not have math notebooks available at this time.   

I don't teach the Common Core.  Would you recommend the notebooks for my classroom?  

No, I would not.  Each "I can" statement denotes the Common Core Standard it addresses.  If you don't teach the CCSS, these numbers will not match your standards.   

How is your Flippin' Through the CCSS file different than your Reading notebooks?  

The Flippin' Through the CCSS file could easily be used in conjunction with my Reading Notebook.  This file offers more of an application approach to the standards rather than a "resource/anchor chart" page for the students.  Although this file is aligned with the CCSS, teachers that want to use interactive notebooks, but don't teach the Common Core, could use this file.  

Classroom Instruction

What does your Language Arts block look like?  How do you divide your time?  
I use a do reader's workshop/Daily 5 blend. My schedule looks like this: 5 minutes- Flashback (5 multiple choice questions that are a review of previously taught standards) 
15 minutes- Reading Mini-lesson- whole group (I use some kind of mentor text to teach a skill) 45 minutes- Rotations (read to self, reader's response, task cards/games, interactive notebooks, small group instruction) 15 minutes- Grammar/Writing Mini-Lesson 30 minutes- Work on Writing Activities (task cards, writing centers, etc.) 5 minutes- Wrap up/reflection/exit slip

TpT Questions 

How do you create your products for your classroom and TpT?  
I use Powerpoint on my MacBook Pro to create all my products.  

Where do you get the clipart and fonts that you use in your files?  

I purchase almost all of my clipart and fonts from TeacherspayTeachers.  I find that most of the sellers on there have easy to follow terms of use.  If you purchase a file from me, I always give credit to the artists on the last page.  

Where do you get the clipart for your Greek Mythology files?  

I purchased them from Melonheadz and The LibraryFox.  Both artists created those sets for my materials per my request.  They are available for purchase on TpT.  


  1. Hi! I downloaded the 5th grade Interactive notebook but it won't let me save it without a password. I need to put this on my flash drive for my school computer that currently lacks internet.

    1. Amy, You can save it to a flashdrive with no problems. Just make sure you are opening the file in Adobe Reader and not preview.

  2. Hi, I would like to save just one page to email to myself to school so I don't have to worry about finding that particular page while getting my lessons ready. Is it possible to do that with your interactive notebooks?

    1. I think these directions will help you. This is the only way I know to make it work.


  3. Do your Interactive Notebooks include annotated teacher's pages for each lesson?

    1. My notebook pages are like "mini-anchor" charts. The file includes a photo of each page with example notes that teachers can use to help their students create their notebook pages. The notebook does not offer specific lesson plans. I hope I addressed this question accurately because I am not completely sure I understood what you were asking. I hope this helps. Thanks!

  4. Hi, Nicole! I love following your blog! I have used several of the resources that you have blogged about using! I am wondering if you can tell me what resources you use to teach Point of View. We are starting that when I finish with Greek Mythology (LOVE your units!) Any info you can supply me with would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Hi Allison,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate them very much! To answer your question, I use these materials to teach POV.

      This is my unit:

      Other materials:



      I hope this helps!!! ;)

  5. Hi Nicole. I am hoping you can give me some advice. I teach 4th grade at a small private school and this year we are mapping all of our subjects and trying to align our existing curriculum with the common core standards. As I am working on Language Arts, I am finding that I am missing many of the Reading and Writing Standards. Thank you for including your pacing guide....I need guidance and feel this will help me a bunch! I guess my questions is: Does your reading notebook include all of the standards listed on your pacing guide? If not, do you have a suggestion? I LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS and own some...which are all so high quality. I value your opinion and advice. In advance, thank you so much for your suggestions!

  6. Hello,
    Where can I find the editable I Can statements? The link on the FAQ page is not working properly. Thank you co much for creating the Interactive Journals!!!!! They are AMAZING and the kids absolutely LOVE working on them!

    1. Hi Erika,

      I am so glad that your students love the notebooks! That makes me so happy. I did just checked the link and it opened with no issues. I am not sure why you are having issues. Here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/itkub09t5xeiwqj/Editableheaders.png?dl=0

      I hope this helps!

  7. Hi Nicole!
    Your materials look awesome. I am just discovering them and would like to begin using interactive notebooks upon returning to school but I have followed a pacing guide by my district--how should I begin? Should I try to make up what has been taught earlier or just begin? I teach 3rd and 4th Literacy and would like to do Reading and Language interactive notebooks. Any suggestions would be most helpful! Thanks

  8. Where do you get your great clipart? I love your interactive notebooks and use them a lot!!!! :)

  9. Hi Nicole! I'm considering downloading this resource for both reading and language, however, my new team uses binders to start preparing students for middle school. I can't preview how these are formatted on a printed page, so was wondering if you thought they could be made into copies for binders instead? Thanks!

  10. Hi Nicole!
    Your second grade notebook is wonderful, and one of my colleagues uses it already. However, she has a parent do all of her cutting and gluing because she feels her students aren't able to manage the task. Was this your intent when you designed the resource? I'd really like to use the resource, but want the children to do as much of the work as they can themselves.
    Thank you!

  11. Hi,
    Can you tell me how long each week/day second graders should spend on the reading notebook? Thank you!

  12. Hi Nicole,
    I purchased your 4th grade interactive reading notebook 4 years ago. I love using it, but seem to have lost a few of the pages over the years. I went back into my purchase history to download it again, but it isn't showing. Is there another way that I can access it again?

  13. Will you update 2nd grade ELA CCSS Reading and Language Arts pages with the changes that have been made since 2013?