Monday, April 9, 2012

Earth Day Book

Today was my first day back after Spring Break. I was certainly dragging this morning. But, I was so happy to see the kids and to get back into the swing of things. Believe it or not, I missed them! They're the BEST group I have EVER had! Their little smiling faces put a little pep in my step this morning.

Today I have something really AWESOME to share with you. One of my teaching friends has a sister-in-law that has illustrated an adorable Earth Day book called, The Earth, The Alphabet, and Me. I have my own copy and it has become an Earth Day staple in my classroom. It's message is wonderful and the illustrations are FANTASTIC! They are actually made from scraps of wallpaper.

If you click on the picture below, it will link you to a webpage where you can purchase this book. There are also some lesson plans available to use with the book. Please check it out! I think you will love the book as much as I do! :)

Happy Monday! :)

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