Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laptop Crisis

Okay, so I have had this blog three days and I have already skipped a day of posting. I am definitely going to have to do better about that. LOL! :) I honestly really do have an excuse. Last week, my school laptop completely crashed because it was infected with a virus. I had to send it to the "tech" people in our district. They have a reputation for completely cleaning off the computers and all files disappear. So I frantically moved all my files to flashdrives and took the computer for repairs. Well, in the meantime, they gave me a "loaner" to use. It has NOTHING but the basics.....Word and Internet. That's about it. So, I can't upload any pictures. It's been over a week....I am about to die! I hope to have my computer back has everything I cute fonts, photo program, etc.

Please bear with me! I promise to start adding resources and pictures soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

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