Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Day

I spend the majority of my day in my pajamas. We ended up with a snow day today, so I get to enjoy a four day weekend! Whoo Hoo! I got to catch up on some TV and worked on some things to post. One of the things that I needed to complete was a University of Missouri basketball unit that a teacher requested. I originally made the unit to root on my favorite basketball team...GO UK WILDCATS! Once I posted this unit, several teachers requested the unit for their favorite basketball teams. Currently I have the following available on my TPT and Teacher Notebook stores:

* University of Kentucky
* Ohio State
* Washington Huskies
* University of Georgia
* University of North Carolina
* University of Kansas

My latest unit... MIZZOU Tigers. To check out this unit, click on the picture below:

If you would like for me to make a unit for your favorite boys Division 1 basketball team, send me an email at I would be happy to make one for your team. It's an AWESOME activity for March Madness.

Also, teachers that use Every Day Counts Calendar Math, I posted monthly sheets to go along with the daily calendar for each month. This is a freebie, but unfortunately, I only have these for 4th grade. If you are a 4th grade teacher, you are in luck. You can snag this freebie at the following link:

Enjoy your long weekend!


  1. Hi Nicole,
    I'm looking for your 4th grade Every Day counts worksheets on TPT, but I can't find them. Can you help?

  2. Unfortunately, I decided to remove them. The sheets were available for free, but since Every Day Counts is a copyrighted program, I don't want to be in violation of those rights. I am not sure it would have been, but better safe than sorry. Thanks so much for your understanding. :)

  3. Oh darn. I'm planning on making some for 4th grade this year and was looking for some good examples so I can keep the kids engaged. Thanks!