Monday, January 9, 2012

Penguin Study

Today we began our unit on penguins. The kids were so excited! I had no idea the kids would love studying penguins so much! Today was the introduction to the unit. I had the students tell me their "schema" or prior knowledge of penguins and recorded it on a "brain file" sheet and then made a class poster of our collected schema. (I am a fan of Debbie Miller and her schema activities). The activities below were inspired by the following:

Here are pictures of those items. All this week, the students will be reading nonfiction articles and books about penguins. Facts that they learn will be recorded on a "Can, Have, Are" Tree Map. Below are pictures of some of the resources and articles that we are using. This actual unit and activities can be purchased on my TPT and TN stores.

Penguin Unit from Teacher's Notebook and TPT.

I will post more pictures and info about our penguin unit soon!

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